Experience The Ultimate Bathroom Upgrade with a Ture Toilet Seat Urinal

Experience The Ultimate Bathroom Upgrade with a Ture Toilet Seat Urinal - True Toilet

Finding the perfect toilet seat is essential for a comfortable bathroom experience, whether in a small apartment or a luxurious mansion. While bathroom storage and vanity lighting are essential, the time spent on the toilet makes the seat a crucial element. 

This is why……

Upgrading to a suitable toilet seat can enhance both comfort and aesthetics, giving your bathroom a personalized touch. For that purpose, there are toilet seats for different levels of support, unique shapes that contour to your body type, bidet compatibility, and a slew of features that add style and functionality. Even though you might not think about your toilet seat much, you use the toilet daily (we hope), so why not find the best fit? 

Don’t worry; True Toilet is here for you!

Toilet seat for Men

Regardless of the size or scope of your bathroom remodeling, we found toilet seat options that'll fit your toilet while providing better-than-average features and style.

So if you recently Moved Or Want a Better Solution!

Do you need to make both options feel like a peaceful space?  Did you know that an average person spends one hour and 42 minutes each week sitting on a toilet? If a family of four lived in your house before you bought it, that means they used the toilet seat for 354 hours each year. Hmmm...isn’t it time for a new toilet seat?

Contrary to popular belief, toilet seat shapes aren’t universal, so the first step is determining if your toilet bowl is round or elongated. Our measuring guide will help. Once you determine your bowl shape, you’ll be better prepared to find the perfect toilet seat.

True Toilet brings you the ultimate bathroom upgrade with a revolutionary product - the Toilet Seat Urinal, which offers men the best toilet seat urinal solution to avoid messy pee splashback in family bathrooms. 


 In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of the Toilet Seat Urinal by True Toilet, guiding you towards an exceptional bathroom experience.

True Toilet Seat Urinal Key Features

Let's dive into the key features that make the Toilet Seat Urinal a game-changer.

  1. Efficient Space Utilization

    With the Toilet Seat Urinal, you can bid farewell to the cluttered bathroom. This unique fixture optimizes space by combining the functionality of a toilet seat and a urinal into one unit. No more juggling between the two separate fixtures or compromising on space. The Toilet Seat Urinal seamlessly integrates both functions, giving you the freedom to maximize your bathroom layout.
  1. Enhanced Hygiene

    Maintaining proper hygiene is crucial in any bathroom. The Toilet Seat Urinal takes cleanliness to the next level. The integrated urinal functionality minimizes contact with traditional toilet surfaces, reducing germs and bacteria transmission risk. Additionally, the urinal feature ensures no splatter or mess, keeping your bathroom clean and fresh.
  1. Water Conservation

    Water conservation is paramount in an era of increasing environmental consciousness. The Toilet Seat Urinal is designed with water efficiency in mind. By choosing the Toilet Seat Urinal, you contribute to sustainable living without compromising on functionality.
  1. Aesthetic Appeal

    The True Toilet Seat Urinal is more than just a practical addition to your bathroom; it's a statement of style and sophistication. With its sleek design and modern aesthetics, this fixture elevates the overall look of your bathroom. Whether you have contemporary or traditional bathroom decor, the Toilet Seat Urinal seamlessly blends in, adding a touch of elegance and refinement.
  1. Versatile Installation Options

    The Toilet Seat Urinal by True Toilet offers versatile installation options to accommodate different bathroom layouts. It can be easily retrofitted to your existing toilet or integrated into new bathroom construction. The flexibility of installation ensures that the Toilet Seat Urinal is accessible to everyone, regardless of their bathroom setup.
  1. Comfort and Convenience

    The Toilet Seat Urinal prioritizes your comfort and convenience. Its ergonomically designed seat provides optimal support and comfort during use. The seat remains in the seated position. And the urinal moves forward and back. Say goodbye to loud noises and hello to a peaceful bathroom experience.

If You Want an Extra-Comfy Toilet Seat

Your toilet seat is likely the most-used seat in the house, so why not make it the most comfortable? 

With its patented technology, high-quality ABS plastic, and ergonomic design, the True Toilet provides a reliable and convenient solution for all bathroom needs. Moreover, this innovative product fits onto any standard-sized toilet without complex installation.

With the True Toilet, you'll never have to worry about unsightly pee spots on the bathroom floor or rebound drops on your clothes. The True Toilet also helps conserve bathroom space while protecting against urine splashes. It allows for concentrated urination without fear of urinal splash-back, making it the perfect solution for families with young boys just learning to aim.

Now that you know some of the many ways a new true toilet seat urinal can improve your life and fit seamlessly into your décor, below are several articles and links to help with decision-making. And remember – if you have any questions, our Customer Service team is always here to help! Call or email us now

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Now that you know how to choose the perfect toilet seat, why not learn more about materials, color trends, and other ways a toilet seat can improve your life with its easy features? 

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