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True Toilet® with Urinal Attachment

True Toilet® with Urinal Attachment

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“Say Goodbye to Urine Splatter”

True Toilet's patented technology facilitates a clean bathroom where 100% of the urine turns into the toilet 100% of the time and ends urine splattering around your home forever.

  • First Toilet Seat with Urinal Attachment
  • Adjustable funnel for varying heights and directions
  • Clean and Sanitary Bathroom
  • High-quality ABS plastic, making it durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Odor-resistant for a constantly fresh-smelling bathroom
  • Suitable for Various User Groups and Medical Conditions
  • Cutting-edge patented technology for a controlled urine stream

True Toilet Urine Funnel - Streamlined Design for Clean and Efficient Bathroom Use.

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The cleaner way to go!

Ideal Solution

True Toilet is the ideal solution for male urination with home toilets, as it allows for concentrated urination without fear of urinal splash back. With its easy-to-install design, users can feel secure knowing their bathroom will always remain clean and hygienic when using True Toilet. As such, this innovative product proves itself to be the best toilet urinal attachment on the market for anyone looking for a convenient, effective way to reduce splashing and solve bathroom cleanliness.

Choice #1

True Toilet is the choice for anyone looking for an attachable urinal that provides convenience and efficiency in the bathroom. Its easy installation, sleek design, and protection from pee splashes make True Toilet the best choice for any bathroom. With this innovative product, there’s no need to worry about the pee stream messes in your bathroom ever again!

Easy Installation

The hassle-free toilet seat assembly allows you to quickly and easily attach the urinal without any additional tools or equipment. Once the urinal attaches, it will stay securely in place regardless of how much pressure is put on it. The low profile urinal attachment also helps to conserve space in bathrooms where there may be limited area available.

Additionally, the True Toilet helps to protect against urine splashes around the toilet bowl, on the toilet seat, or even on the bathroom floor. The urine stream is directed away from the body and toward the toilet water using a simple urinal attachment on the toilet lid. This helps to keep the bathroom neat and sanitary at all times.

If you’re looking for a solution to urine splatter in your bathroom, True Toilet is your only real choice. Offering an easy-to-install attachment for existing toilets, True Toilet makes it easier than ever to ensure that you don’t have any trouble hitting your target every single time. Beyond just making it easier to hit your mark, True Toilet also features a unique design that makes it easy to clean compared to the old toilet options. This means you never have to worry about old urine and other messes lingering in your bathroom - as it requires little maintenance while still providing superior quality.

With its unique combination of features, including easy cleaning and no-odor technology, True Toilet sets the bar for quality and convenience in the industry.

Try True Toilet today and experience efficient urination with total peace of mind.


It offers a cost-effective solution to improve bathroom hygiene without expensive renovations.


By reducing the likelihood of urine splatter and mess, True Toilet helps minimize water wastage and the use of cleaning chemicals, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Benefits of True Toilet

True Toilet encourages independent and comfortable toilet experiences for males by providing convenience, a controlled urine stream, and a gradual angle.

  • Eliminates Urine Splatter

    Eliminates Urine Splatter

    Unique design of True Toilet minimizes splashback by channeling urine directly into the toilet bowl.

  • True Toilet is Easy to Install

    Easy to Install

    True Toilet is a quick and easy installation that can be done in just a few minutes.

  • Enhanced Independence

    It empowers individuals, including children, older adults, and those with special needs, to use the toilet independently.

  • Hygienic & Sanitary

    Hygienic & Sanitary

    True Toilet is easy to clean and disinfect, keeping your bathroom from splashes and keep it clean and sanitary.

True Toilet Dimensions

True Toilet Elongated

The True Toilet in the elongated version has approximate dimensions of 15.2" x 19" provides a comfortable seating area for most individuals.

True Toilet Round Version

The True Toilet in the round version has approximate dimension of 16.6"x 15.2" designed to fit in bathrooms with limited space while still offering a comfortable seating experience.

3 Simple Steps to Install True Toilet

  • Remove old seat cover

    Step 1 - Remove

    Remove your current toilet seat from the toilet – unscrew it from the bottom of the rim.

  • Replace with the New True Toilet - Enhance Your Bathroom with Innovative Urinary Solution

    Step 2: Replace

    Replace your old toilet seat with the universal True Toilet urinal attachment.

  • Experience the Convenience and Hygiene of the New True Toilet Urine Funnel

    Step 3: Use

    Line up with True Toilet Men's Urine funnel for minimal splash-back. Direct urine drainage into the toilet bowl.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Rolando Garcia
God sent product!

I'm 71 1/2-year-old with neophyte and prostate issues that involves 3 to 6 trips to the bathroom at night to pee, with my new True Toilet I can pee safer and faster so I can get back to sleep. Before I would have to sit on the toilet to pee and stand up with the help of my stand-alone toilet safety rail due to balance issues.

Bruce Parker
I love this, but…….

I bought 2 True Toilet systems over a year ago. I put 1 in my primary bathroom and 1 in my guest bathroom. It’s just my wife and I in the house normally, and it’s been great. But, the one I put in the guest bath for visitors posed an issue. When we’ve had male friends over, they are reluctant to use it when more than one male has access to it. It’s sort of a personal item, like letting someone else use your toothbrush. You might want to consider this before Putting it in a guest bathroom. After all, you are putting your junk in close proximity to the urine direction director. Otherwise, it is wonderful.

Great product, needs a tweak

Love this thing! Being 6'4", it is impossible to not make a mess while standing. True Toilet completely eliminates that mess.
The only knock is the fact that a secure installation makes cleaning under the seat difficult.
Beware that this will not fit all toilets. I tried to move mine to a different bathroom, but the holes in that bowl were 1/2" further back. There is a ridge on the TT that prevents a flush mounting. FYI, the front of the holes in that bowl are 2-1/2" from the edge when measured perpendicularly.
The next model needs a liftable seat.

Update - The owner replied to my review within an hour to tell me that I had received one of their first models and that he would send me their latest version that would fit. Truly excellent customer service.

michael hatten
Clean Toilet, Clean Floor!!

This is a Genius invention, and long overdue. My husband has a Spinal cord injury leaving him partially paralyzed in all four limbs. His balance has been effected and his aim is off. This product has helped us both, He can urinate drip free and less clean up for me. Thank you True Toilet.

Susan Newton
Excellent product for Parkinsons challenged individual.

My only complaint is that the seat doesn't raise for cleaning.

General FAQs of using True Toilet

Are there any additional benefits of the True Toilet urinal attachment?

Yes, it saves space and allows adjustable settings.

Can the True Toilet Urinal Toilet attachment be used by men of different heights?

Yes, it is adjustable to accommodate different heights for the male urine stream and reduce the splashback stream of urine.

Is the True Toilet urinal attachment suitable for residential and commercial use?

Yes, it is suitable for both residential and commercial use, so there will be no missing toilet.

Is the True Toilet urinal attachment compatible with all toilet models?

It is compatible with most standard toilet models, but it is always best to check compatibility before purchase.