True Toilet Urinal Attachment: The Ideal Solution to Missing the Toilet

True Toilet Urinal Attachment: The Ideal Solution to Missing the Toilet - True Toilet

Homeowners are always looking for more convenient ways to clean their space and make life easier. For many individuals, missing the toilet happens all too often. Even for those with exceptional aim, urine splatter is essentially unavoidable.

You may be wondering how to protect the bathroom floor from urine.

We’ve got good news for you: it’s easier than you think. MUCH easier.

Meet the True Toilet, an innovative urinal attachment that acts as a pee funnel to eliminate splash back and keep bacteria off your floor.

Although there are dozens of urinal models are on the market, the True Toilet simplifies the concepts and delivers the easiest solution. Whether you are looking for a home urinal due to medical reasons or convenience, this product is a game-changer.

Let’s discuss.

What Is the True Toilet? 

The True Toilet is a revolutionary home urinal attachment that is simple to install, affordable, and easy to use for any age. The toilet seat attachment is designed with a pee funnel at the top to direct urine straight to the toilet bowl without splashing or leaking on the toilet.

The True Toilet is made of high quality ABS plastic that is durable, recyclable, and easy to clean. It connects to your existing toilet -  all you need to do is remove the toilet lid and replace it with the True Toilet waterless urinal attachment. 

How Does the True Toilet Work?

The True Toilet stands upright and settle against the toilet tank out of the way when not in use. It includes an adjustable spring to provide resistance so you can pull it toward you for any height, making it ideal for grown men, teenagers, and even youngsters learning to use the bathroom. 

Here’s how it works:

True Toilet Urinal Attachment Installed on the Home Toilet

Step 1: Remove Your Existing Toilet Seat

Remove your current toilet seat from the toilet – unscrew it from the bottom of the rim.

Step 2: Replace with the True Toilet

Replace your old toilet seat with the universal True Toilet urinal attachment.

Step 3: Use

Line up with the top of the True Toilet pee funnel. The urine will flow directly into the bowl, creating minimal urine splash back and eliminating the chance of missing the toilet.

Watch the full video on the homepage to learn more!

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