The True Toilet Potty Training Urinal: A Mother's Solution with Boys

The True Toilet Potty Training Urinal: A Mother's Solution with Boys - True Toilet

If you have boys in the house, chances are your toilet seat isn't always the cleanest. It seems they tend to pee around the toilet rather than in it, and it can get frustrating at times. While urine splash-back is most prevalent in younger children, no male is safe from missing the toilet.

The worst part about it?

They don't even clean up after themselves!

The bathroom should be a safe place where you don't have to worry about sitting in pee. And now, you don't have to!

The True Toilet is a potty training urinal here to eliminate the possibility of splattered pee and make the process much more tolerable.

Let’s discuss how it all works.

What Is the True Toilet?

The True Toilet is an effective, easy-to-install urinal attachment for your toilet seat that prevents urine from splattering everywhere.

Potty Training Urinal

The True Toilet urinal attachment adds a funnel to the end of your seat, which your boys can comfortably pee in – and easily move it out of the way when finished. The potty training urinal accessory has a wide rim to shield the surrounding area from splash-back.

The best part?

100 percent of the urine gets into the bowl!

Think of the True Toilet as a urinal attachment for toilets. It moves with the toilet seat and can adjust to the height of the user, which makes a great reminder if your child is constantly leaving the toilet seat up.

Once you adjust the lid, the True Toilet stays in place, and there's virtually no way the urine will splash onto the seat or the floor. It's an un-intrusive urinal toilet attachment - as it moves completely out of your way when you put the seat up fully, and it keeps your toilet clean from urine splatter.

How The True Toilet Potty Training Urinal Works

Step 1: Remove

Remove your current toilet seat by unscrewing the seat’s base under the rim of your toilet.

Step 2: Replace  

Replace your old toilet seat with the universal True Toilet urinal attachment.

Step 3: Use

Teach your boys to urinate directly into the top of the True Toilet funnel. The urine will drain directly into the toilet bowl without creating a big splash.

The True Toilet potty training urinal funnels urine directly into the toilet bowl – without splattering on the seat or surrounding areas. The result is a cleaner bathroom with virtually zero margin for error or missing.

For a visual demonstration of how the True Toilet works, check out our videos.

Using the True Toilet Urinal Attachment for Potty Training

When it comes time to start potty training, you probably feel like the task is a blessing and a curse. The bright side is you don't have to change diapers anymore.

The downside? 

It can get pretty messy.

You might be tempted to purchase a potty-training toilet to save yourself some trouble, but you still have a big mess to clean up in the end. Well, lucky for you, the True Toilet can solve this problem! Since it works with any height, your child can use the urinal toilet attachment as a potty training tool, and you won't have as big of a mess to clean up (if any!)

Aiming is a breeze when using this urinal attachment for the home toilet, and kids will have a much easier time learning how to pee standing up. Plus, since the True Toilet is meant for all ages, you never have to worry about them outgrowing it!

Never Too Old for the True Toilet

“My son keeps missing the toilet! What do I do? He's 17, by the way!”

Your child may grow up in ways like height and body hair, but some things never change – like accidentally peeing on the toilet seat. Even urinating directly into the toilet results in splash-back that contaminates the bathroom.

It's not their fault; it's likely they don't even notice they’re doing it. The average male urinates about six to seven times every day. Urine splash-back is a daily occurrence, and many don’t even realize they are doing it.

The True Toilet urinal attachment is an extremely simple solution that doesn't require much setup – and saves you from constantly having to clean a toilet.

In short, you and your boys have nothing to lose. But you have a fresh, clean bathroom to gain!

The True Toilet Urinal Attachment: Gateway to Cleaner Bathrooms

Mini Urinal

The toilet is where you take care of business – and there’s nothing worse than sitting down in urine splatter. Moreover, you certainly shouldn't spend your precious time cleaning up someone else’s urine.

This innovative potty training urinal seeks to help moms with boys everywhere. From keeping your toilet seat stain free to potty training your child, the humble True Toilet is here to keep you sane with a cleaner bathroom.

The True Toilet is available in round and elongated variations based on the shape of your toilet.

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