Empowering Independence with True Toilet's Accessible Pee Guard for Disabled Individuals

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Want to improve bathroom safety and maintain cleanliness for disabled individuals?

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Seeking a reliable and comfortable urinal attachment for individuals with mobility limitations?

Try True Toilet


Experience a new level of independence and hygiene with True Toilet, the ultimate solution for a clean and mess-free bathroom experience. Designed with special needs in mind, it guarantees a reliable and sophisticated solution for parents and caregivers. With unique features and thoughtful engineering, it eliminates 100% of urine-related messes, providing peace of mind during toilet training.

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Ergonomic Design for Comfort
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Improved Independence
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User-friendly Solution

Benefits of Using True Toilet for Special Needs Individuals

  • Nighttime Convenience for Special Needs

    Nighttime Convenience

    With the True Toilet, special needs individuals can use the toilet during the night without the need for bright lights, ensuring uninterrupted sleep and nighttime convenience.

  • Hygienic & Sanitary

    Hygienic & Sanitary

    Maintain hygiene with true toilet urinals for special needs individuals, as pee guards minimize splatter and promote a clean bathroom environment. Ideal for those with urinary incontinence or bladder control challenges.

  • Empowering Comfort for Special Needs Individuals

    Promotes Confidence and Comfort

    By addressing the challenges of urinary incontinence, the True Toilet fosters confidence and comfort in special needs individuals, enhancing their overall well-being and quality of life.

  • True Toilet's urine funnel - Clean & Sanitary Solution

    Prevents Mess and Cleanup

    True Toilet's urine funnel effectively eliminates urine splatter and spills, reducing the need for frequent cleanups and maintaining a tidy and sanitary bathroom space.

  • Adaptive and Inclusive Bathroom Accessory for Disabilities


    The True Toilet's design is specially crafted to cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities, making it an adaptive and inclusive bathroom accessory.

  • True Toilet is Easy to Install

    Hassle-Free Installation

    The True Toilet attaches securely to most standard toilets without the need for complex modifications or tools, making it a convenient and user-friendly solution for special needs individuals.

How does the True Toilet Pee Guard work?


Step 1

Attaches securely to the existing toilet, requiring no complex modifications or tools.


Step 2

Pull the funnel forward to the desired height.


Step 3

Experience the reassurance of True Toilet's Special Needs Urinal, ensuring every drop of urine reaches the toilet consistently.


Step 4

Enjoy easier, splash-free bathroom breaks – and help your loved ones of all ages be more independent with True Toilet's innovative solution.

Why Install the True
Toilet in Your Home?

The ultimate solution for disabled individuals - our Pee Guard directs urine flow to the toilet bowl, eliminating 100% of splatter. With our special needs toilet training seat, experience secure and reliable solutions tailored to meet diverse requirements. 

  • Prevents urine splatter and maintains a clean bathroom environment.
  • Provides a secure and stable seating option for handicapped people
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and mess during toilet use.
  • Enhances independence and confidence for kids & adults with special needs.
  • Easy-to-install design for convenient setup in your home.
  • High-quality construction ensures durability and longevity.
  • Odor-resistant properties for a fresh-smelling bathroom.
  • Helps improve hygiene and sanitation for special needs kids.
  • Supports a more comfortable and inclusive bathroom experience.
  • Reduces the need for extensive cleanup and maintenance.

How do you Clean the True Toilet Pee Guard?

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No scrubbing the Toilet Bowl

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No scrubbing the hinges

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No scrubbing the tank

Frequently Asked Questions

Is True Toilet's special needs urinal attachment suitable for individuals with various disabilities?

Yes, True Toilet's special needs urinal attachment is designed to cater to a wide range of disabilities, including physical disabilities, mobility limitations, developmental disorders, and other conditions that may make using a regular toilet challenging.

Can True Toilet's special needs urinal be used by both children and adults?

Yes, True Toilet's special needs urinal is available in sizes and configurations suitable for both children and adults, ensuring a comfortable and practical solution for users of all ages.

How can the handicapped benefit from using a true toilet special needs toilet urinal?

True Toilet's special needs urinal attachment is thoughtfully designed to meet the diverse requirements of disabled individuals, encompassing children and adults with physical disabilities, limited mobility, developmental disorders, or any condition that may pose challenges when using a standard toilet.

Can the special needs urinal attachment be used by individuals with limited hand dexterity or strength?

Yes, True Toilet's special needs urinal attachment is designed with user-friendliness in mind, accommodating individuals with limited hand dexterity or strength by providing easy-to-use features and accessible controls.

Is the special needs urinal attachment suitable for individuals with incontinence issues?

Yes, True Toilet's special needs urinal attachment can be beneficial for individuals with incontinence issues, as it provides a targeted and hygienic solution for containing and managing urine, reducing the risk of accidents, and improving overall comfort.

How does True Toilet's special needs urinal benefit disabled children?

True Toilet's special needs urinal seat offers several benefits to disabled kids, including enhanced accessibility, improved hygiene, increased independence, and reduced strain on caregivers.


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Star Rating

"The True Toilet has been a game-changer for my son, who has special needs. It's easy to install, and the results are incredible. No more mess or splashing around the bathroom. Knowing he can use the toilet independently and confidently is a relief. Thank you, True Toilet!"

John T.

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Star Rating

As a caregiver to my brother with disabilities, I was constantly worried about bathroom accidents and cleanups. But since we installed the True Toilet, things have improved significantly. It's a simple yet effective solution that has changed our daily routine. I highly recommend it to anyone caring for a loved one with special needs."

Sarah L.

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Star Rating

"My daughter has cerebral palsy, and we've tried various products to help with bathroom accidents. The True Toilet is by far the best solution we've found. It's sturdy, easy to clean, and has significantly reduced the mess and clean-up efforts. It's a fantastic product for families with special needs."

Emma D.

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Star Rating

"I've been looking for a suitable pee guard for my son with autism, and the True Toilet exceeded my expectations. It fits perfectly on our toilet, and the design is brilliant. No more worries about messes and spills. It's truly a must-have for parents of special needs children."

Robert S.

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Star Rating

"I have mobility issues due to a spinal cord injury, and the True Toilet has made using the bathroom so much easier for me. The targeted aiming feature is fantastic, and I no longer have to worry about accidents or splashes. It's a reliable and helpful tool for individuals with disabilities."

Susan M.

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Star Rating

"The True Toilet is the perfect solution for my husband, who has Parkinson's disease. It's easy to install and clean, and it has made his bathroom experience much more comfortable and hygienic. It's a small investment that has made a significant impact on our daily lives."

James H.

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Star Rating

"I bought the True Toilet for my father, who has incontinence issues due to aging. It has been a lifesaver. It's easy for him to use, and I no longer have to worry about cleaning up after accidents. It's a top-notch product for anyone dealing with urinary incontinence."

Lisa K.