True Toilet: Avoid Urine Splatter Forever!

True Toilet: Avoid Urine Splatter Forever! - True Toilet

The act of peeing while standing up is second nature to most guys.

Let’s look at some numbers

  • About 70% of men pee standing up
  • An astounding 60% of men admit to peeing “hands-free” while standing up!

Many do not realize how unsanitary this everyday act is – not all urine splatter is visible to the naked eye.  Even if you have perfect aim, there is simply no avoiding urine splatter around your toilet.

Fortunately, the solution is easier than you think.

Meet the True Toilet: the end-all-be-all solution to urine splatter in the bathroom.

What Is the True Toilet Urinal Attachment? 

Your bathroom is where you get dressed, groom yourself, and take showers. Pee on the floor or toilet seat is not only annoying, but it’s extremely unhygienic and can lead to the spread of germs

The typical solutions aren’t always ideal.

No one likes cleaning the toilet – and most people want to minimize how often they do this.

You’ve probably wondered more than once: how do you not splatter when peeing?

Urine Splatter

True Toilet is a urinal attachment for toilets.

Simply put, the True Toilet is a funnel system built into the end of your toilet seat. You can simply adjust the urinal attachment to your desired height and start the waterworks into the funnel. Urine travels down the funnel directly into your toilet bowl – giving you zero urine splatter and zero margin for error.

The True Toilet is easy to install and ensures 100% of the urine gets into the toilet bowl where it belongs.

How Exactly Does the True Toilet Urinal Attachment Work?

Step 1: Remove

Remove your current toilet seat from the toilet – unscrew it from the bottom of the rim. 

Step 2: Replace  

Replace your old toilet seat with the universal True Toilet urinal attachment.

Step 3: Use

Line yourself up with the top of the True Toilet funnel. The urine will drain directly into the toilet bowl, creating minimal splash-back.

This urinal attachment accessory gives you all the benefits of a urinal without having to install one at home, which is a) very expensive and b) still results in urine splatter. 

Installing a urinal isn’t necessary when you have a urinal attachment like the True Toilet. 

Benefits of True Toilet

The True Toilet is an innovative solution revolutionizing the way men urinate at home. Here are a handful of benefits to this urinal attachment.

No More Wiping Down the Toilet Seat

Peeing on the toilet seat happens – no matter how good your aim is. You may not have time to thoroughly wipe down your toilet after each use. 

Dried urine splatter is disgusting to look at, even more so for your guests. The True Toilet urinal attachment eliminates this issue completely and ensures a clean toilet seat, no matter what.

Avoid Splashing

In a study reported by BBC, physicists used a high-speed camera to detect splash-back during male urination. They found that after 6-7 inches, your urine stream breaks into droplets. That is due to the Plateau-Rayleigh Instability rule, in which a fluid stream breaks into small packets and ceases to be a single stream.  

What does this mean for you?

It means that small or large droplets of urine will inevitably get on your floor, walls, and even clothing. The taller you are (and the further you are from the toilet bowl), the more likely this will happen. If you don’t want your clothes to have a faint smell of urine splatter, True Toilet is for you. 

The True Toilet urinal attachment provides a funnel located close to your male parts – which ensures you will avoid splash-back altogether.

Avoid Bacteria and Improve Hygiene

Urine around the toilet, especially puddles of urine on the floor, can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Besides, who wants to step in dried urine, especially when you are barefoot and just took a shower?  

The best way to avoid stepping on urine or sitting on dried urine on your toilet seat is to use the True Toilet home urinal attachment so you don’t miss the toilet while peeing. 

Have Guests Over at Any Time

If you want to bring your girlfriend or colleague over for some drinks, you might hesitate if your toilet area hasn’t been cleaned recently. With the True Toilet, you’ll never deal with the buildup of urine splatter – and cleaning the area around the toilet will not be as pressing.

It’s Great for Kids

The True Toilet is like a potty-training urinal. If you have a child learning how to use the bathroom, but often misses the toilet, you can train them with the True Toilet urinal attachment – saving yourself all sorts of messes in the process.

Wrap up

The True Toilet is a revolutionary urinal attachment for toilets that will make a big improvement in your daily life.

If you’re ready to make urine splatter in your bathroom a thing of the past, look no further than the True Toilet. This tool will help keep your bathroom clean, hygienic, and bacteria-free without extensive scrubbing.

The True Toilet is available in different variations to fit the shape of your toilet.

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