College Bathroom Essentials: Keeping the Bathroom Clean with the True Toilet

College Bathroom Essentials: Keeping the Bathroom Clean with the True Toilet - True Toilet
For most college kids, cleaning a bathroom is the last thing on their minds. Having a sanitary living space is vital – no matter what age or stage of life you are in. The dirtiest bathrooms tend to be the male bathrooms in a college dorm or frat house. This is due to the high amounts of foot traffic, and (arguably) lower standards of cleanliness. Some college bathrooms go weeks – or months – without being cleaned. Urine splatter is unavoidable in male bathrooms – and the bacteria creates an extremely unsanitary space in the home. Fortunately, there is a solution.... The True Toilet Urinal Attachment.
This product is a must-have item on the list of college bathroom essentials. The revolutionary pee funnel eliminates urine splatter and unsightly pee around a toilet for a cleaner bathroom.

Let’s dive deeper into the product, shall we?  

How to Improve College a Bathroom with the True Toilet 

The True Toilet is an easy-to-assemble urinal attachment that can fit on any toilet. This item on the list of college bathroom essentials provides a simple-to-use urinal that connects to the toilet seat and replaces the toilet lid. 

It is a lightweight ABS plastic assembly with a pee funnel opening to help direct urine directly into the toilet bowl rather than requiring you to aim into the toilet. The entire piece sits flat against the toilet tank until needed. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Remove

Remove your current toilet seat from the toilet – unscrew it from the bottom of the rim.

Step 2: Replace  

Replace your old toilet seat with the universal True Toilet urinal attachment.

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Step 3: Use

Line up with the top of the True Toilet pee funnel. The urine will drain directly into the toilet bowl, eliminating any urine splatter.

Urinal Toilet Attachment

Step 4: Clean

To clean the True Toilet urinal attachment, pour your chosen bathroom cleaner into the funnel.

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The built-in spring mechanism allows you to pull the pee funnel forward to a suitable height for use, then will slowly return to its original position. This way, your toilet with a urinal attachment doesn’t interfere when you need to sit down. 


The True Toilet is one of the hottest new items on the college bathroom essentials list!

Why Use a True Toilet Urinal Attachment? 

Using the traditional standing method of going #1 creates a great deal of urine splashback – even for males with impeccable aim. This causes the spread of bacteria (and a foul odor) in a college bathroom, especially one that doesn’t get cleaned often.

If you tend to miss the toilet because you’re too tired from studying – or you’ve had a fun night out – the True Toilet urinal attachment is a game-changer in college bathrooms. 

Eliminates the Mess

Cleaning a college toilet can feel like pulling teeth. The True Toilet is the ultimate mini urinal for a college bathroom to ensure no urine splatter gets on the seat or the floor. With the adjustable pee funnel, you’ll never have to worry about poor aim again!

Having a clean bathroom shouldn’t be a luxury, even in a college bathroom. With the True Toilet urinal attachment, you don’t have to worry about grossing out guests with foul pee smells and bacteria in the bathroom.

Most importantly, this item in the college bathroom essentials saves you time and hassle when it’s time to clean the toilet.

It’s Simple To Clean

The best part about this urinal attachment is the simplicity – both in terms of installation and cleaning. You can use the same products you would use to clean the bathroom and simply pour your chosen solution into the top of the pee funnel. 

The cleaner will flow down the tube and into the toilet bowl while sanitizing the inside of the urinal attachment. There is no need for scrubbing or intense cleaning with the True Toilet home urinal. 

It Makes Sharing Bathroom Facilities Better

Let’s face it; not everyone has the same standards of cleanliness.

You may be staying at a fraternity where some college men are peeing on the toilet seat with zero regard for others. If you’re grossed out every time you go to the bathroom, the True Toilet needs to be at the very top of your college bathroom essentials.

Instead of continuously arguing about whose turn it is to clean the toilet or who has been peeing on the toilet seat, turn to the True Toilet urinal attachment. 

This pee funnel for the male toilet ensures you or your roommates will never miss the bowl again. This way, you can get on with studying and eliminate fights about bathroom duties.

Wrapping Up

There are many college bathroom essentials to consider. The True Toilet is by far the most practical for male bathrooms. No one likes cleaning the bathroom, especially when sharing with multiple people.

This revolutionary pee funnel eliminates the grosses part of the cleaning process: urine splatter.

The True Toilet is universal and can fit on any toilet. Buy your urinal attachment today – with a full money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

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