Combination Toilet and Urinal: Resolving Weak Urine Trickle Due to Prostate Problems - Finding a Solution for Your Bathroom

Combination Toilet and Urinal: Resolving Weak Urine Trickle Due to Prostate Problems - Finding a Solution for Your Bathroom - True Toilet

Problems with a weak urine stream or trickle are often associated with an enlarged prostate, a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This occurs as men age and the prostate gland grows larger, potentially obstructing the urethra and causing difficulties with urination. Anyone with an enlarged prostrate will tell you that what used to be a seamless stream when urinating is suddenly an intermittent start-and-stop process with a weak flow. What results out of this is a slow trickle before it begins and in between, and when done, you struggle to aim into a large toilet bowl, but it hits everywhere except its target spot. The result is a messy toilet you just left behind for an out-of-your-control medical condition, causing embarrassment. A toilet that is frequented by someone with an enlarged prostrate often emits a urine stench; it is as if the owner’s territory is marked.

Suppose you're looking for a solution related to toilet use while experiencing a weak urine stream or trickle. In that case, it might be more about comfort and cleanliness rather than directly addressing the medical issue itself. You can tackle these challenges head-on with a combination toilet and urinal, such as the innovative Ture Toilet and Urinal. This specially designed fixture offers a solution beyond traditional toilets, providing comfort and improved cleanliness. Incorporating a urinal component effectively addresses the issues caused by a weak urine stream. With the Combination Toilet and Urinal, you can enjoy a more convenient and hygienic bathroom experience, even in the face of prostate-related difficulties.

Here are a few suggestions for those with prostrate issues:

  1. Leave raised toilet seats:

    Frequent need to urinate during the day and need to urinate more than usual during the night, and sudden urge to urinate may make it a better idea to leave the seat raised. Other symptoms include.
    • Difficulty in starting urination (hesitancy)
    • A weak urinary stream
    • Interruption of the stream (‘stopping’ and ‘starting’ effect)
    • A sensation of incomplete bladder emptying
    • Urgency (the person has difficulty holding the bladder)
  1. Bidets or hygiene aids:

    To ensure cleanliness, you may want to consider a bidet or a handheld bidet sprayer. This can be particularly helpful if a weak stream or dribbling results in cleanliness issues.
  1. Incontinence products:

    If a weak stream or dribbling results in leakage, consider protective underwear or pads designed for urinary incontinence. They can help manage small amounts of leakage and protect your clothing and furniture.
  1. Scheduled toilet trips:

    Instead of waiting for the urge to urinate, try going to the bathroom on a regular schedule (for example, every 2-4 hours). This can help ensure that your bladder is regularly emptied and may reduce dribbling or leaking between bathroom trips.
  1. Use of True Toilet’s patented technology:

    The True Toilet, a Combination Toilet and Urinal offers a solution for a clean and hygienic bathroom experience, particularly beneficial for individuals with prostate issues. With its ergonomic design, this user-friendly toilet seat effectively collects and directs urine streams, eliminating concerns about dribbling. Enjoy the advantages of using True Toilet summarized below.
Men's urinal for home
    • Encourages independent toileting, providing convenience, dignity, and comfort to males.
    • Its round & elongated design stands upright and adjusts with height!
    • Eliminate urine splatter around your toilet FOREVER!
    • Easy Way to Say Goodbye to Pee Splash-Back.
    • Clean and Sanitary Bathroom.
    • High-quality ABS plastic, making it durable and long-lasting.
    • The material is Odor-resistant for a constantly fresh-smelling bathroom.
    • Money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

While these suggestions may help manage the symptoms, they don't address the underlying problem. If you haven't already, consulting with a healthcare professional to determine the cause and appropriate treatment of a weak urine stream would be important.

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