True Toilet: The Perfect Special Needs Toilet Seat Attachment

True Toilet: The Perfect Special Needs Toilet Seat Attachment - True Toilet

Potty training for special needs children can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Kids often struggle with pee around the toilet or peeing on the toilet seat – creating a foul, unsightly mess for parents to clean up.

The True Toilet – a revolutionary special needs toilet seat attachment – does wonders to make these situations more manageable. 


Urinal Toilet Attachment

Having a clean bathroom is vital for your family’s health and well-being. The True Toilet eliminates urine splatter in the bathroom to simplify the cleaning process, saving you time, hassle, and frustration. In addition, this urinal attachment for the toilet can make bathroom visits much easier for kids with special needs. 

Let’s talk about how.

What Is a True Toilet? 

The True Toilet is an innovative home urinal attachment that provides a better alternative for families with special needs kids to pee standing up – without worrying about urine splash back or peeing on the toilet seat. 

How Does this Special Needs Toilet Seat Attachment Work?

Step 1: Remove

Remove your old toilet seat from the toilet – unscrew it from the bottom of the rim.

(Add a visual aid)

Step 2: Replace  

Replace your old toilet seat with the True Toilet special needs toilet seat attachment.

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Step 3: Use

Line your child up with the top of the True Toilet pee funnel. The urine will drain directly into the toilet bowl, eliminating any urine splatter or pee on the toilet seat.

Step 4: Clean

To clean the True Toilet urinal attachment, pour your chosen bathroom cleaner into the funnel.

The True Toilet special needs toilet seat attachment is slim enough to stand up against the toilet tank and stay out of the way when family members need to sit to use the bathroom. This home urinal model consists of ABS plastic materials, which are lightweight and easy to clean.

The funnel uses adjustable springs to modify the tension, which can change the resistance when moving it down or out of the way. As a result, it’s versatile enough to suit anyone, from young boys to adults, making it simple to use and maintain a cleaner bathroom. 

The Best Potty Training Urinal 

This adaptive toilet seat is ideal for maintaining a clean bathroom while helping children pee in the toilet with confidence. Rather than having to clean the toilet seat every time your child goes, the True Toilet urinal attachment solves this problem. 

Parents with special needs children want to buy household items that help their kids be independent and successful. The True Toilet is one of these valuable products – and will ensure your bathroom stays clean while aiding with potty training, no matter what age. 

The True Toilet was designed to eliminate urine splatter around the toilet and on the seat. This ingenious product will help parents clean a toilet in less time and with less fuss.   

In addition, the built-in spring mechanism ensures that the urinal attachment always returns to the upright position, resting against the toilet tank. This way, parents never have to worry about having the toilet seat up when they need it down.

How to Clean this Special Needs Toilet Seat Attachment 

Cleaning the True Toilet urinal attachment is extremely easy. All you need is your chosen liquid bathroom cleaning solution. Simply pour the cleaner into the top of the pee funnel – it will drain directly into the toilet bowl, cleaning as it moves down. No scrubbing, soaking, or elbow grease is involved when you clean a True Toilet urinal attachment. 

Naturally, cleaning your bathroom should be easy and not take a lot of time out of your day. More importantly, cleaning around the toilet shouldn’t be a disgusting event. When you install this special needs toilet seat attachment, you don’t have to worry about dried urine and bacteria. 

Why You Need a True Toilet in Your Home

Raising children is a full-time job – especially if they have special needs. Anything you can do to make this task less stressful will benefit your entire household. The True Toilet is the best special needs toilet seat solution to minimize germs while providing the accessibility options your child needs to remain independent. 

Parents can always use small tips and life hacks to make things easier when raising children. The average male urinates six to seven times every day – and urine splatter is unavoidable in a traditional setup.

 The True Toilet special needs toilet seat attachment solves this seemingly small problem to make a huge impact on everyday life.

The True Toilet is universal and can fit on any toilet. Buy your True Toilet online today!

Once you install the True Toilet in your home, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. 

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