True Toilet Solution for Avoiding Urinating Splatter

True Toilet Solution for Avoiding Urinating Splatter - True Toilet

We call it a True Toilet, and more men now find it a game-changer for lifting their guilt off in the bathroom from pee splatter. It turns out to be the best solution for the family to protect the bathroom floor from nasty pee spots and rebound drops.

Some bathrooms even have nice signs reminding men to sit - Here are a few familiar signs men get to see in Men’s bathrooms. These are a reminder that men must behave gentlemanly in being courteous when urinating in the toilet bowl.

For most men, we are unable to defy the laws of splatter that are seemingly imperfect despite the best design of the toilet urinal. It is common knowledge that as we proceed carefully, even with a toilet seat raised, it drenches every visible surface both within and outside – it is still difficult to avoid the rim and the ground floor. It is estimated that nearly 7 in 10 men stand when they pee instead of sitting down. Using UV light and fluorescent liquid, researchers at QS Supplies tested dozens of standing urination angles to reveal the splash-back splatter each one creates. A real demonstration using UV to map the projectile of peeing can be viewed in a video “UV light shows the unseen splashes created by standing urination.” Ref: For press inquiries, contact

Much has been written about the best stance to take and where to aim just right to manage a gentlemanly stream, but no one can defy the laws of physics. 

According to the article published By Jeanna Bryner on November 11, 2013, an experiment result revealed that size and speed are not critical in determining this splash-back. Rather, it's all about the angle — and the smaller the angle, the better. The greatest pee splash occurred when the urine stream was angled perpendicular to the urinal wall, down to about 45 degrees. A slightly smaller impact angle gave the cleanest results. But who is to manage the angles? A better solution is offered by using a True Toilet device, an ergonomically designed toilet seat that uses a comfortable angular direct peeing into the tubular cavity.

This is an easy-to-install perfect Solution for your existing toilet. It offers an easy-to-clean and highly durable solution for using a standard toilet bowl. This means you can pee standing up without urine splatter or pee splash-back.


The True Toilet has emerged as a revolutionary solution for addressing the common issue of pee splatter in the bathroom. Its ergonomic design and direct peeing functionality offers men a game-changing alternative to traditional toilet urinals. By minimizing splash-back and reducing the risk of urine reaching unwanted surfaces, the True Toilet ensures a cleaner and more hygienic bathroom experience. It’s easy installation and durability make it a practical and long-lasting solution for households. With the True Toilet, men can confidently stand to pee without worrying about messy splatter, elevating bathroom convenience and cleanliness to a whole new level.

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